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golf tender
golf ball tender
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“Love it. I would not change a thing. I think it’s a solid idea, works well just as you designed it.”

Why I Invented the Golf Ball Tender

USGA rule change Rule 13.2a(2) allowing putting with the flagstick remaining in has created an unexpected problem: cup edges becoming frayed because players are reaching into the tighter space for their golf balls. The rule has increased pace of play but often at the cost of crisp edges on the hole, especially when you consider that nearly 50% of golfers now putt with the flagstick in.

The Golf Ball Tender is a pliable disk that attaches to the stem of the flagstick, resting at the bottom of the cup. Players simply lift the flagstick to retrieve the ball. The Golf Ball Tender is not visible until the flagstick is pulled from the hole. What’s more, Golf Ball Tender helps protect the green from damage caused by carelessly dropping the flagstick on the green and also acts as a guide when replacing the pin in the hole.

In addition to indirectly encouraging players to reach down with two fingers, the new rule increases the frequency of players attempting to “pop” the ball out of the hole by yanking out the flag. These harmful techniques cause damage, which negatively impacts the experience for subsequent players. The Golf Ball Tender makes ball retrieval faster and more convenient, easier for elderly and enhances pace of play as the new rule intended.

As a golf enthusiast myself, I developed the Golf Ball Tender to keep the game of golf fast paced with pristine blemish free holes. I firmly believe this 100% made in the USA Golf Ball Tender will help to accomplish these goals.

Best Regards,

Larry Koning